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Silent Chairs

Choreography: Jason Mabana 

Title: Silent Chairs

Music: Arvo Part - Tabula Rasa: II Silentium

Dancers: Stine Haug Gjestvang, Jacob Goy, Alicia Kerrolf, Anna Lagercrantz, Linn Lindstrom, Olivia Lofvander Stribeck, Liv Lothman Ybo, Kamilla Nervik, Amanda Prevorsek, Maiken Solhaug

Rehearsal Director: Jeanette Bolding

Costume: Jason Mabana

Silent Chairs.JPG

About: In Silent Chairs, I wanted to use the chairs to investigate how we can  see them when they are placed in a specific context: for example at a wedding, in a classroom or in the theatre. In these circumstances I wondered about the effect on us when we see an empty chair somewhere, like in the street, or when someone sits alone  among many other people. During the process with the dancers we thought a lot about loneliness and used this theme as a vehicle to create the piece.


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