Last Line

Choreography: Jason Mabana 

Company: In Collaboration with the 'University of the Arts' / Amsterdam

Title: Last Line

Composer: Henryk Gorecki - Symphony No. 3

Costume: Ellen Den Bouwmeester

Dancers: Cristel De Frankrijker / Anne Spoel / Giovanni Pisas / Gina Aussen / Luc De Raad / Giorgio Lepelblad / Ciro Martin / Dylan Kuyper / Evelien Jansen / Rose Sarpong

Premiere: 13th June at the Brakke Grond Theater - Amsterdam

Length: 22 minutes

About: ‘Last Line’ came together through a series of tasks which were mainly based around: What makes us sad ? After developing different motifs and configurations ‘solos, duet, group work’, I felt like the group had a lot to offer and decided to keep the 10 dancers dancing in a line. Through this idea of a line, we created different patterns, and sticked mainly to one that really gave me a sense of time, rush, and fragility.