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Ina Ama

Choreography: Jason Mabana 

Title: Ina Ama

Music: Atmo Music Productions (Simone and Giulio Donati)

Dancers: Robbie Ordona, Andi Vega, Jumar Aben, James Olivo

Rehearsal Director: Harry Parr

Costume: Mikayla Teodoro

Set Designer: Mikayla Teodoro

Lighting Designer: Zac Macro

Partners: Rambert School, The Linbury Trust, Arts Council England

Film Production: The Motion Dance Collective

Special Thanks: Troy Cabida (Poet), Haraya Choir, Lisa Rowley (Teacher), Asylum Chapel

Trailers: Been Jammin Ent (Benjamin Paguyo)

Lenght: 30 Minutes


Ina Ama is a dance project with the goal of showcasing and facilitating a space for Filipino artists. As a choreographer with a Filipino heritage, I felt it was necessary to provide a safe space where the dancers, the collaborators and I could exchange and share a few aspects from our culture. The project started from one of the many articles which mentioned that 20% of the NHS Staff that died during Covid 19 were Filipino, we were all astonished by this shocking number and wanted to help in our own way. The piece is looking at a few subjects such as mental health which is not talked about widely in our culture but also have an approach which is more educating people to some facets of our culture such as Tinikling, The Bayanihan Spirit, family bonding...  We have worked with different collaborators such as The British Filipino Choir (HARAYA) who are a group of singers as well as  nurses, Mikayla Teodoro who is a Filipino Set Designer specialized in Puppetry, Troy Cabida, a poet from London who shared his texts for our creation.  

In The Making

Andi Vega

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