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Choreography: Jason Mabana 

Title: GOYA

Music: Bersarin Quartett

Dancers: Jade Traa, Dylan Kuyper, Adair Guijt, Jinko Adams, Keanah Faith Simin, Mees Meeuwsen, Glinshi Su, Thirza Putri Riphagen

Rehearsal Director: Gerleen Balstra

Costume: The Academy For Theatre and Dance


About:The Urdu word 'Goya' which means 'As if' is defined as a story that feels like reality. Going through hard, exciting, sad ,or  happy times in a relationship is something that we can all relate to. In this piece, without giving a specific story, but through a constant motif, I wanted to create a work that everyone could recognise themselves in. 



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