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No Sex

Choreography: Jason Mabana 

Company: Black Box Dance Company

Artistic Director: Marie Brolin - Tani

Title: No Sex

Composer: Christian Tronhjem

Set Designer: Aske Friis Skovsted

Costume: Asa Gjerstad

Rehearsal Director: David Price

Dancers: Marco Rizzi / Paulina Smatlakova / Anna Stamp Moller / Charlotte Arnold / Mason Jubb / Lionel Ah-Sou 

Premiere: In Creation, Premiering September 2018

Length: 1h



About: With everything from razor sharp precision, speed and tender sensitivity 'NO SEX' - a world of gender' will trigger, entertain and stir up reflection. In a clinically white room, four dancers charge forward in fashion-inspired yet spectacular costumes, allowing the audience to observe and study everything as they seduce, delight and marvel them at the same time. A performance that comes close to the audience, with space for humour, grotesqueness and beauty.

In The Making
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